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  • Workshop "National network for the decriminalization of abortion in Madagascar"

13- 15 March 2019 - Antananarivo

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  • "WOMEN'S FORUM: Woman and Right to Life" "TAFATAN'NY SAMY VEHIVAVY: Zon'ny vehivavy ny mba ho velona"

7 Décembre 2018

  • Abortion, for or against decriminalization?

Saturday, June 30, 2018, Maison Jean Laborde Andohalo




  • Mireille RABENORO, CNIDH

  • Roger KOLO, Senator, Doctor

  • Eric ANDRIANASOLO, Doctor

  • Father Pascal, Religious



  • Abortion, let's talk about it!

Thursday, February 15, 2018, Mille Feuilles Bookstore - Behoririka


  • Michael RANDRIAMANIRAKA, Anthropologist

  • Olivia RAJERISON, lawyer

  • Lovatiana ANDRIAMBOVONJY, medical intern

  • Mbolatiana RAVELOARIMISA, human rights activist


Kemba RANAVELA, columnist

  • Abortion, let's talk about it: abortion is also a question of men

  • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 FROM 2:00 PM UTC + 03 TO 3:00 PM UTC + 03 - Conference - Abortion in the context of Covid-19 in Madagascar.

September 28, World Abortion Right Day.
Abortion in the context of Covid-19 in Madagascar. Between practices and obsolete laws. What is it really?
We have the honor to listen to 3 panelists including two male doctors, Dr Franzy MEFIRE and Dr Miel RAFAMANTANANTSOA. Also, Olivia RAJERISON, an activist well known for her fight for the protection of women's rights.
An event of the @ Nifin'Akanga Movement with the objective of leading a plea for regulations to go towards emergency relaxation, especially for cases of unwanted pregnancies following rape, incest and high-risk pregnancies.

  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2020 FROM 2:30 PM UTC + 03 TO 6:00 PM UTC + 03 Health - World Right to Safe Abortion Day Alliance française de Tamatave, Nifin'Akanga and YES - Tafita

As part of the World Day for the Right to Therapeutic, Medical and Safe Abortion (September 28), the Alliance Française invites you to discuss this topic.

• 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m .: Thematic exhibition

"Abortions, a universal reality". This exhibition will present the state of play of Pregnancy Medical Interruption (IMG) in Madagascar and around the world. It is illustrated by the designer Dwa.

• 2:30 p.m .: Conference-debate, hosted by the YES - Tafita association

Guests from civil society, the legal and medical sectors will be present to take stock of the situation of Pregnancy Medical Interruption (IMG) in Madagascar, in the specific cases of pregnancies as a result of rape, incest or in the event of endangering the health of the mother and / or child.


- Dr Lovatiana ANDRIAMBOAVONJY, Nifin'Akanga

- Ms. Jumel Stéphanie RAJAONARIVONY, President of YES - Tafita, Human Rights activist

- Mr. Roel LELAKA, active member of YES - Tafita, Legal consultant and human rights activist

- Mr. Rogand TSIZAZA, Human Rights Club

• 4 pm: Screening of the film "Le Procès de Bobigny"

Fiction, based on real events. In 1972, a young underage girl, Léa, decided to have an abortion with the help of her mother, following a rape. Denounced, they find themselves at the heart of a trial that is becoming political, with the stakes of the status of abortion in France and the injustices of the condition of women. To defend them, a lawyer, Gisèle Halimi, recently disappeared.

An event organized jointly with:

Alliance Française Antsirabe / Alliance française Diego Suarez / Alliance Française de Fort-Dauphin - Taolagnaro / AllianceFrançaise Fianarantsoa Madagascar Show less

  • SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 2020 FROM 10:00 UTC + 03 TO 12:00 UTC + 03

                      Café Philo "Tokatrano fihafiana?" Divorce / Separation

                                      Free Thousand Leaves - Librairie Café

Lazaina fa fihafiana ny tokatrano. Hatraiza no tokon'ny ho fetran'izany. Maro ireo olona (na lahy na vavy) mijaly sy ampijaliana ao anatin'izany tokatrano izany nefa tsy sahy miteny, mitraotra, misaraka. Maro ny mety ho anton'izany. Tokatrano fihafiana? Hatraina? Rahoviana no tokony hisintaka, hisaraka? Nahoana no tokony anaovana izany? Ahoana no anaovana izany?

Malagasy society imposes that married life / family life is a burden that must be borne. Only, how far it must stop. Numerous and numerous are the men and women who suffer, who are made to suffer but who do not dare to speak, to revolt, to leave. There are many reasons for this. Is married life a burden? How far? When to go? Why leave? How to leave

  • World Abortion Right Day ,

“Abortion in the context of covid-19 in Madagascar. Between practices and obsolete laws ”

September 28, 2020, Online Conference


  • Dr Miel RAFAMATANANTSOA, doctor

  • Olivia RAJERISON, women's rights activist

  • Dr Franzy MEFIRE, head of Nifin'Akanga studies


Mbolatiana RAVELOARIMISA, Nifin'Akanga

Photo 13.jpg
  • General Assembly, Nifin'Akanga

December 12, 2020, SEQUOIA Ivandry

Photo 14.jpg
  • Regional restitution workshop: State of play on abortion practices in Madagascar

December 21 and 22, 2020, Antalaha

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November 2020 - July 2021


  • Diego-Suarez

  • Majunga

  • Toamasina

  • Antananarivo

- Activity 1: Oral art competition for the decriminalization of abortion

  1. Call for participation

  2. Production of video clips of the winner

- Activity 2: Citizen mobilization of young people

  1. Youth mobilization

  2. White March 8 March

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